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Suzanne 30' yacht

Suzanne is owned by Peter. Peter and Malcolm go "way back" and Peter is involved in the ICEER manufacturing process, so he would have an ICEER fridge on board, wouldn't he? Peter's fridge has been in service for 17 years.

Peter chose a NAVY 6 electric outboard to replace his cranky 9.9 petrol outboard. He uses the SPIRIT 1 on the tender and is enjoying the benefits of quiet manoeuvrability along with ease of attaching and charging.

Peter, like Malcolm, sails regularly and uses the products week in, week out. Customers can be assured that the products are regularly tested for long term reliability.

Suzanne is now powered by a Navy6 with a 8 kWh @48Vdc lithium battery bank. All components were bench tested before installing in the boat. The battery bank is bolted in position under the cockpit floor only about 700 mm forward of the motor making for a short cable run to the motor with minimal voltage drop. The batteries have double pole isolation, over current protection, temperature protection and all cells are monitored and top balanced.

Peter has enjoyed yacht racing with the Navy 6, with several races done with the electric outboard his appreciation of the difference is growing. He states that the motor provides performance and power better than a diesel with the convenience of an outboard. With the Navy 6 mounted in the confines of the cockpit the crew enjoy that there are no longer any fuel fumes and much less noise. No excuses about not hearing Peter's commands now!

For only 500 watts of power Suzanne can travel at 3 knots, 1000 watts > 4 knots,

2000 watts > 5 knots and as the outboard has a maximum 6000 watts of power Suzanne has plenty of power to push through a choppy sea.


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