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VETUS inboard electric drives

Introducing the new VETUS E-LINE electric motors! VETUS has recently released a 5kw, 7.5kw, and 10kw electric motor for the marine industry.

VETUS’ view of electric boating is a compact, complete, efficient plug & play styled system that are designed for installation in both new and existing motor/propeller shaft setups. The supplied Swap & Go mounting brackets with motor mounts can easily be adjusted in height and set to angle the shaft to 0° or 8°. This makes  connecting to an existing propeller shaft easy!

The E-LINE range is controlled by the ELPS side mounted V-CAN throttle lever (sold separately). The panel has a neutral safety switch as standard, which prevents the motor from being started when the propulsion thrust is engaged.

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Direct drive

Optimized design for simple installation and low maintenance. Direct drive means you get a quieter belt-less system and less maintenance or broken belts to replace.

Active electronic braking

The E-LINE motors accelerate more powerfully and faster than a diesel engine. In addition to a gearbox and clutch not being required for the electric propulsion system. This means that when reversing the propeller, the electric motor has to immediately come to a full stop and then rotate in the opposite direction. To enable a quick reverse power maneuver like with a clutch, VETUS has developed Active Electronic Braking for the E-LINE drive systems. The high torque of the electric motor is used to slow and then change the direction of rotation quickly and effectively. Giving the user full control and a familiar way of sailing, whilst harnessing the added advantages of the electric motor and its high starting torque.

Battery protection function

The Battery Protection function of the VETUS electric propulsion motor also ensures that the battery pack is not unnecessarily damaged, and the service life cycle of the batteries is guarded for present and future boating seasons. Draining a battery pack below the specified minimal voltage will damage the batteries and reduce the life span. To help prevent this the Motor Controller of the VETUS e-drives actively monitors the battery pack state of charge by verifying voltage and current draw.

Motor Features

Boosted battery charge function

Another unique feature of the VETUS e-drive motors is the patent pending Boosted Battery Charge function. Using the Boosted Battery Charge function a 24 volt charger can be used to charge up the required 48 volt battery pack for propulsion. This is an economic advantage as the 24 volt battery charger is more common. Plus this allows the boat builder an easy way to provide a low voltage 24 V electric board network.


E-Line 050 motor

5.6 kW input power

1200 RPM - 36 Nm output

7.3 kW input peak power

1350 RPM - 43 Nm output

E-Line 050 motor

E-Line 075 motor

8.4 kW input power
1400 RPM - 48 Nm output

10.2 kW input peak power
1500 RPM - 55 Nm output

E-Line 075 motor

E-Line 100 motor

11.3 kW input power
1500 RPM - 61 Nm output

13.3 kW input peak power
1600 RPM - 67 Nm output

E-Line 100 motor
ELPS throttle

Key switch for e-drives


MPE1KB key switch - all-in-one solution; V-CAN power supply, 12V cooling pump power supply and anti-theft. Engaging the V-CAN line and 12V cooling pump by the turn of the key.


  • Compact design and high quality materials

  • Stylish designed aluminium bezel (85 x 85 mm)

  • Quick installation in Ø 75 mm cut-out hole

  • Can be installed in double frame (XTASF2P 167,5 x 85 mm)

  • Waterproof IP65 when mounted

  • V-CAN CANBUS protocol certified

  • Input wires 12V

  • Reverse polarity protection for V-CAN output

  • Switched output V-CAN connector 12 V, fuse protected 5 A max.

  • Switched output 12 V, fuse protected 30 A max.

  • With LED indication when engaged



The E-LINE and E-POD are controlled by the ELPS side mounted V-CAN control lever. The panel has a neutral safety switch as standard, which prevents the motor from being started when the propulsion thrust is engaged.

This control lever enables three propulsion control modes; NORMAL, ECO and POWER mode. By pressing the ECO mode the maximum output power of the e-drive is limited. When in ECO the POWER mode is not available. Switching of the ECO mode, the e-drive is in NORMAL mode. Pressing the POWER button unleashes the electric peak power kick for those fast manoeuvres.



  • Start/Stop Command button with LED status indication

  • ECO mode latching button for increased range

  • POWER (PWR) mode button to unleash full electric power

  • LED and audible indication on e-drive status

  • Safe and easy proportional control of your vessel

  • High quality materials

  • Stylish designed aluminium bezel (154 x 100 mm)

  • Waterproof IP65 when mounted

  • V-CAN CANBUS protocol certified

  • Twin connector for multiple stations

Multiple helm control

The VETUS E-line range can be installed with up to 4 ELPS throttles positioned throughout the boat, giving the user/designer ultimate choice where you place your helm stations to help with those tricky berths.


To monitor the e-drive status, warning and alarms there are multiple options. To see the most important instances at a glance the MPE1MB (Included) V-CAN monitoring panel can be used. To see the rich digital information available on the digital CANbus line, a NMEA2000 connected solution can be used. By using the CANV2N CANverter messages on the V-CAN line are translated to NMEA2000 format and can be displayed on NMEA2000 devices.


Cooling  options

There are two cooling options raw water cooling as standard with the EIP12 pump (included) and optionally a closed heat exchange type keel cooling using the ELINEKC and (VETUS Organic Coolant).

Cooling Options

General dimensions

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