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Navy 6  EVO

Navy 6 EVO.png

So Easy to use

Navy 6 ePropulsion is ideal for yacht propulsion, fishing and other on-water craft.

It has the power of a 10 hp motor and comes with two choices of propellers. 

Using the low pitch propeller makes an ideal replacement for high thrust outboards and is capable of moving yachts around 3000kg at their hull speed. The higher pitch propeller is best on lighter fishing dinghies.

At the end of the day you will enjoy minimal maintenance. Simply hose off. There are no water pump impellers here to flush or exhaust fumes.

The Motor
The high quality, brushless DC motor is placed inside the bottom aluminium case of NAVY 6.0. Its gearbox-free design eliminates noise effectively and avoids maintenance concerns associated with other motors on the market with gearboxes. The built-in motor protection slows and/or stops the motor if it strikes an underwater object by accident. 

The pod motor is capable of regeneration a useful feature for sailing boats. While under sail the outboard propeller will turn due to the force of the water passing and the motor acts like a generator now.  As the boats speed increases so will the amount of power generated.


Although you can use third party batteries, this regeneration feature only works with the ePropulsion E-Battery range 

Navy  EVO 3 & 6 regen.png

Better Control 

The Navy 6 ePropulsion can be controlled by a tiller or blue tooth remote throttle. 

Both display power consumption in watts, voltage and the state of  charge of the battery.  The Navy electric outboard has a built in GPS which allows the throttle to display speed and distance travelled or predict expected range at current speed & conditions - reduce your speed by half a knot and watch your range increase exponentially!

These display options are extremely helpful while you get used to your new drive and gives you great control of your speed, power usage and range.

Both remote controller and tiller handle have a solar panel, which provides constant solar power for the built-in lithium battery on sunny days.


The remote throttle option provides a great benefit to tiller steered craft as the throttle can mounted in front of the helmsperson allowing them to maintain forward vision while steering, There is no need to face backwards to adjust the gears and throttle. This is very helpful when berthing.


All throttles come with a magnetic kill switch on the controller.

ePropulsion electric outboard throttle for your electric boat connected by blue tooth on sale Australia Betts Boat Electrics
ePropulsion electric outboard throttle for your electric boat connected by blue tooth on sale Australia Betts Boat Electrics
Side mount control 3.png

Battery & Range

The Navy 6 ePropulsion electric outboard is powered by a 48 Volt motor which requires a battery bank mounted in the boat in a safe location  This can be conventional lead acid batteries or lighter lithium batteries. Capacity required will depend on your range needs.  

Range is dependant on how much battery “kW/h” you chose to have for your style of sailing/motoring or the size of solar panels charging while using the boat. Some may wish to have enough to get in and out of port; others may wish for a greater range for cruising.

In many ways range is unlimited because you can replenish from solar making fuel while you are cruising. 

Lighter boats and easily driven hulls will need less than heaver boats. Please view our Electric Conversions pages to read examples of boats already powered by a Navy 6. If you can't find a match, contact us with details of your boat and we will provide information on battery capacity based on our experience for your needs.

Unexpected Advantages of electric outboard 
  • Superior speed control, more reverse power and with remote bluetooth throttle, berthing is a breeze!

  • No fuel spills when stored in locker.

  • No fumes.

  • No more buying fuel & oil or storing onboard.

  • The fuel does not go off if stored for extended periods. 

  • Quietly search for sea life & see more wildlife.

  • Charge by the sun.

  • No pull start so your crew don't need to avoid your elbow. 

  • Lower maintenance, no water system to flush at end of day with minimal service. No engine oil, plugs or water pumps.

  • Better distribution of weight, less on the transom

  • Just Clean



  • Lithium Batteries

  • Battery Management 

  • Solar chargers

  • Mains chargers

  • Dual throttle

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