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Electric Bay Cruiser 30'

Electric Bay Cruiser E motor sailer powered by ePropulsion EVO Navy 6 electric outboard with electric tilt. There is 1000 watts of solar on the cabin top and Gaff rig for a sail plan.

This trailable boat makes an excellent cruising boat with unlimited range from solar and wind, no fossil fuel needed.

Russell met Malcolm at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show some years ago while chatting about using cleaner energy especially for the propulsion of boats and having cleaner oceans by reducing the use of and the need to burn fossil fuel. So it was no surprise that Russell engaged the services of Malcolm.

Russell found Malcolm to be most helpful in many ways as he took the time to explain and design a system to get the best outcome for what was needed including installation and the operation of the system.

Also Malcolm took the time to explain the various components and the reasons why they were needed and was flexible to the unique needs of the project. This gave Russell the opportunity to reconsider some of his ideas that may not have been as ideal.

Russell was very impressed that Malcolm is so safety conscious, installing devices where needed to prevent hazardous circumstances and/or failures………creating a strong sense of security and comfort.

Included in the system are lithium batteries, solar panels, 240v inverter/charger, hot water and connectivity apps for phone or tablet that monitor and provide good information to make management of the system very easy.

Like any new custom project, there may well be components that need adjustment or changing and this is where Malcolm proved his after sales service to be exemplary, going that extra mile, to make sure all runs smoothly.

So in summary, Russell is very happy with the whole experience in engaging Malcolm’s service and is confident of long term use from the system that is now in good use.

Technical details

Length overall: 8.4 m

Boat beam: 2.4 m

Draft: 0.4 m Keel down 1.5M

Displacement: TBA kg

Electric motor system:

ePropulsion Navy6 6kW motor @ 48Vdc link to motor

Electric motor weight: 27 kg

Battery 20kWh , 176Kg

Solar: 1kW

Victron 1600W Inverter/charger

Videos of fished boat out enjoying the bay


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