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Ben's Boat

is a 13m aluminium ketch, fully electric, is undergoing a full refit with a Bellmarine 48V DC 20kW shaft drive motor.

Charging sources will be a solar array and wind generator with a back-up diesel 6kW DC generator. The generator will provide sufficient power for continuous motoring in moderate conditions.

The battery bank is 20kWh lithium, 240VAC is supplied from a Victron inverter/charger to facilitate induction cooking. Ben is planning to cruise the Pacific in a sustainable way with both reduced pollution and reduced costs and the added benefits of an electric powered life-style with the all the comforts of home.

Electric yacht with 20kW Bellmarine shaft drive @ 48Vdc fitted in 2020  build for cruising charged by solar and wind.
Electric yacht 20kW shaft drive

Technical Information:

Length overall: 13.5 m

Boat beam: 3.6 m

Draft: 0.6 m

Displacement: 12000 kg

Electric motor system: Bellmarine 20kW @ 48V nominal) shaft drive

Electric motor system weight: 133 kg

Batteries: GBS 20kWh lithium battery pack

Generator: future purchase

Propeller: 3 bladed 16,5"x10"


Boatbuilder: owner builder

Electrician -BBE


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