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Spirit 1.0 Plus 

So Easy to use

The first thing you notice about the ePropulsion electric outboard Spirit 1 Plus is the lack of hassle of a pull start. You simply push the button, twist the handle and you are moving. Instantly, you notice the lack of noise; it is so quiet you can hear the water washing past the hull. Quickly it becomes apparent just how easy it is to use. Operation is so simple, all the family can use it with ease. No physical strength is required or need to explain choke position, fuel caps, etc. 

At the end of the day you will enjoy minimal maintenance. Simply hose off. There are no water pump impellers here to flush. 

ePropulsion Spirit1 electric outboard motor

Direct drive

ePropulsion SPIRIT 1 features gearbox free design and optimized motor structure. The high quality brushless DC electric motor with a max efficiency of 90% helps SPIRIT 1.0 achieve an overall efficiency of more than 50%. And without a gearbox, this electric outboard motor will greatly lower - even eliminate - noise and save maintenance troubles that often bother the owners of other outboards.


  • Short shaft

  • Long Shaft 

Spirit 1.0 Plus

The Battery

On the easy-to-read tiller display, power consumption is shown in watts. The outer circular battery bar graph shows how full the battery is and is equivalent to your car fuel gauge.  You can use the select button on the tiller display to see the voltage which is an indiction of the health of the battery. Another click shows the amount of hours the battery will run at current speed & conditions - reduce your speed by half a knot and watch your range increase exponentially!

These display options are extremely helpful while you get used to your new drive and gives you great control of your speed and power usage.


Charging the battery


Supplied with the ePropulsion Spirit 1 is a 250 watt mains charger for charging at home. You can also use the same charger on your boat via an inverter (250 watt or above).

An optional solar charger and 12V Dc charger is available and folding solar panels.


How long will the battery last? 

The 1.2KW Lithium-ion battery of SPIRIT 1.0 delivers the most impressive performance of its kind. At full speed, one battery works for over 1 hour; for leisure cruise, it usually lasts 3 to 5 hours or, on most dinghies, 12-15 nautical mile range in cruise speed. Thanks to its detachable design, you can  bring alternate batteries on board to extend your sailing time or another option is a solar and 12 volt charger. You will find both of these items in our online shop.

ePropulsion Spirit1 electric outboard battery
ePropulsion Spirit1 electric outboard tiller display  Betts Boat Electric Australia

Just how fast will ePropulsion Spirit 1 push my boat?


On a ePropulsion Spirit 1 the propeller is 280mm diameter and 147mm pitch, designed for high thrust which is great for moving laden boats or pushing against a head wind. We have tested Spirit 1 on a range of dingy types. See table below for which one is closest to your boat or click the video to view the tests of dinghies.

ePropulsion electric outboard speed vs power tests
ePropulsion Spirit1 electric outboard folding tiller



The electric outboard motor weighs only 10kg and the battery 8.8 kg . It’s designed to be portable so you can lift the motor with one hand and carry the battery in the other with ease.  The tiller folds down neatly beside the power leg.


With no dirty oil or petrol to leak this electric outboard can be safely stored below inside the cabin or in your car.

Unexpected Advantages of electric outboard's
  • No fuel spills when stored in locker.

  • No fumes.

  • No more buying fuel & oil or storing onboard.

  • The fuel does not go off if stored for extended periods. 

  • Quietly search for sea life & see more wildlife.

  • No pull start so your crew don't need to avoid your elbow. 

  • When leaving a beach with a rough onshore wind  you have instant power. You are are not standing in the water, holding the dinghy and trying to start a petrol motor.

  • Easy for kids to use.

  • The detachable battery makes is lighter and easier to install on the tender from the back of the boat.

  • Controllability when docking, very precise and manoeuvrable. 

  • Just Clean



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