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Amity Boat with Electric Outboard

Amity Boats "Alexis" recently converted to electric, acquiring a E-Propulsion Spirit 1 electric outboard. These beautiful classic yachts, designed by renowned designer, Barry Colson, are perfect recipients of electric propulsion motors. The quiet ease of the electric drive ties in very well with Amity's ethos of design simplicity and superb quality. The motor performs impeccably while maintaining an air of elegance.

Alexia's owner has been thrilled with the quietness of the motor and the ease of docking. The simple twist grip control eases the motor from forward to reverse through neutral giving the ability to dock under perfect control.

With a top speed of 4.5 knots, the motor impressed when becalmed well out in Moreton Bay, returning home with capacity still remaining in the battery - "it worked really well". This range has given considerable confidence.

At the end of the sail, after a simple hose down (no flushing required) the clean battery can happily be taken home for charging or be charged at the dock, whichever is more convenient. BBE supplies a cover for those times when the motor is being left outside for a time, keeping it pristine and ready for the next sail.

The Spirit1 electric outboard is ideal for owners wanting to get their boat in and out of harbour hassle free for day sail. The Navy 3 electric outboard is available for those who feel the need to wander further.


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