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Cat Ballou's tender



My new outboard has blown me away! It is lightweight, so easy to handle by me, my wife and our grandchildren. Very quiet, so if you are taking the grandkids to look for wildlife you will have much greater chance of success. Turns on a sixpence and goes from forward to reverse in a second which proved very useful to me within a couple of days! My 13 year old grandson enjoyed testing it out around our canal. On our first proper outing the outboard managed 10 boat to shore trips at Tangalooma using only 10% of battery power. Upon return, I automatically carried it to the garage before realising it was perfectly clean and could go into the house for charging. There is nothing to leak, no fuel smell. The battery can be separated from the leg making two light weight parts rather than the traditional one-piece outboard which we were beginning to find too onerous to handle. It is huge improvement in so many ways.


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