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This high performance electric yacht powered by two 15kW Oceanvolt Servoprops was designed by German Frers and built by McConaghy Boats and matches incredible performance with sublime aesthetics and ultimate comfort. Exhaustive research led to specification of the lightest equipment and interior materials currently available. Interestingly for a monohull, the two Servoprop motors are placed in front and inboard of the two rudders for superior manoeuvrability. Power is provided by flush mounted solar in the deck combined with shore charging to a 21 kWh @48VDC battery pack and 20kW DC generator. The yacht has a complex, electrically driven hydraulic system also powered from the 48V propulsion battery bank. Despite these considerable electrical demands it is rare for the owner to require to use the generator on a day sail.

Technical Information:

Designer: German Frers

Boatbuilder: McConaghy Boats

Length overall: 17.4 m

Boat beam: 5.05 mDraft: 2-3.6 m

Displacement: 13500 kg

(2 X 15kW motors @ 48V nominal)

Electric motor system weight: 2 x 46.5 kg

Battery 21kWh , 240Kg


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