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G-Force 2000 Speciale

This electric yacht, powered by Oceanvolt sail drives, is an impressive example of the G-Force Series of performance cruising catamarans. Commissioned by Tony Longhurst and built by Noosa Marine who are well known for building high spec vessels for customers with high expectations, Kato incorporates carbon fibre for strength and lightness to provide an outstanding sailing experience.  

The performance under the Oceanvolt electric drives has matched Oceanvolt's predictions and the owner's expectations.

There is the ability to make power while sailing by regeneration which, combined with low profile solar panels, significantly reduces the use of the onboard generator.

Reduction in consumption is assisted by the electrical system, wired by Brad, which has been designed to keep voltage drops to a minimum and maximise efficiency. The Oceanvolt sail drives are further appreciated in this state-of-the-art vessel for their reliability, quietness, cleanliness and minimum maintenance.

Our custom made ICEER refrigeration, shaped to blend into the interior, is perfect in this yacht where efficiency at every level, space, weight, power and performance has been highly valued.

Technical Information:

Length overall: 19.5 m

Boat beam: 8.6 m

Draft: 0.575 m

Displacement: 12670 kg

Electric motor system: 2 x Oceanvolt SD15 electric sail drive motor (15kW @ 48V nominal)

Electric motor system weight: 2 x 46.5 kg

Batteries: MG 28kWh lithium battery pack

Generator: Fischer Panda AGT-DC 11000-48V DC generator

Propellers: 2 x Gori 3-bladed 16,5"x10"

Designer: Schionning Designs

Boatbuilder: Noosa Marine

Electrician -Edge marine and auto


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