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The G-Force 1400C

This electric yacht, powered by Oceanvolt sail drives, is an impressive example of the G-Force Series of performance cruising catamarans.

14M electric catamaran with Oceanvolt sail drives and lithium batteries plus solar power
Electric catamaran on the beach Oceanvolt sail drives no problems

Launch date December 2019

Technical Information:

Length overall: 14 m

Boat beam: 7.6 m

Draft: 0.5 m

Displacement: 8000 kg

Electric motor system: 2 x Oceanvolt SD15 electric sail drive motor (15kW @ 48V nominal)

Electric motor system weight: 2 x 46.5 kg

Batteries: Valence 14kWh lithium battery pack

Generator: Enquiest DC 6000-48V DC generator

Propellers: 2 x 3-bladed 16,5"x10"

Boatbuilder: Andrew Rogers


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