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Signet 20 with Electric Outboard

The Signet 20 made by Bluewater Cruising Yachts goes well with electric propulsion.

Owners that have chosen to go with the electric have been thrilled with the quietness of the motor and the ease of docking. The remote deck mounted control the motor from forward to reverse through neutral giving the ability to dock under perfect control without having to twist around back to see the outboard

At the end of the sail, after a simple hose down (no flushing required) the clean battery can happily be taken home for charging or be charged at the dock, whichever is more convenient.

The EVO 1 has the hydro regeneration function allowing the battery to be charged while sailing. Another option for onboard charging is solar via the ePropulsion solar charger which can use a maximum 200W solar panel/blanket. Charging with solar can be done done while motoring or stationary

The EVO 1 tilt angle is 90 degrees allowing the shoe and propeller to be clear of the water when sailing.

Betts Boat Electrics supplies a custom cover for those times when the motor is being left outside for a time, keeping it pristine and ready for the next sail.

The EVO 1 electric outboard is ideal for owners wanting to get their boat in and out of harbour hassle free for day sail.


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