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Electric Duffy Hire boats Noosa

Betts Boat Electrics was commission in 2019 to repair these two electric that were in a non working condition

Electric Dufy  electrical repair
Electric hire boats Noosa

Installation date December 2023

Technical Information:

Length overall: 5.6m

Boat beam: 2.35m

Displacement:1500 kg

BLDC Montenegry 4kW @ 36V nominal).

Electrician: Betts Boat Electrics rebuild

Both boats the controllers had failed and the wiring was in poor shape and not meeting Australian marine wiring standards. Once the motors were proven to be okay I chose Kelly controllers to re power them. Housed the controllers is a custom protective inclosure and provided active air cooling across the heat sinks.

Victron BMV 712 amp hour meters were installed for monitoring the battery SOC (state of charge)

With the functionality of the Kelly controllers it was possible to limit the power output of the motors to a practical level and provide maximum range for the customers.

Eco Noosa River Adventures has been actively hiring these electric picnic boats.

If you would like to enjoy a day of electric boating click the link above.


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