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Monty electric boat

"Monty" was built in 1947 constructed with a classic Carvel wooden hull 20'. Owner Terry bought her in 1997, restored her and has been meandering around the picnic spots of Port Hacking since.

Recently he decided to convert Monty to electric and fitted a 1.5kW inboard electric drive supported by lead acid batteries. Charging is by onboard solar panels.

Terry has been very pleasantly surprised how long he can motor for with his new system.

He took some pleasure in removing the pipework and filling in the fuel tank and exhaust openings. Now, every time he arrives at his boat, the tank is full and ready to go via the solar. Terry particularly appreciates the time savings of not having to go to fill up, not having to do oil changes and of no longer having to deal with water pump hassles. Boating is so much simpler with electric.


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