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Electric Trail-able Trimaran

Triplet a 21" electric trimaran is designed for cruising comfort

Power by 6kW ePropulsion Navy outboard.

Owners comments

The many reasons for our choices are;-

About 36 years ago Malcom was recommended to us to do our electrics and refridgeration on a 40 ft Simpson Catamaran and we have kept in touch since.

Because of our boating activities we would often receive positive feedback about Malcoms work.

So when we decided to build our next boat it was with delight that Malcom agreed to provide guidance and design and build what would suit our needs.

We now have a boat that has a10 KW battery that provides power for the entire boat. This includes over 100 litres of fridge/freezer, a Navy 6 ePropulsion outboard motor, electric kettle, small induction cooktop via an inverter, fresh and salt electric pressure water, an anchor winch and plenty of lighting.

We have solar blankets to top up the battery.

The smooth, quiet and clean boat that we have is very pleasant to use with confidence, is trouble free and will do all that we want to do for a long time into the future thanks to Malcom’s dedication to getting it right.

Installation date December 2023

Technical Information:

Length overall: 7 m

Boat beam: 4 m

Draft: 0.3 m

Displacement:1500 kg

Electric motor system: ePropusion Navy 6 (6kW @ 48V nominal) .

Battery: 10kWh @ 48V nominal BMS 123 system

12V Battery Victron 40Ah Peak Power Pack

Solar blankets 160W + 120W

1600W Victron inverter Charger

Electrician: Betts Boat Electrics


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