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Retractable Pod drive

The 30 Square

The yacht is a traditional sailing yacht with a retractable 3kW ePropulsion pod drive.

Sailing yacht 30 Square  ePropulsion Pod drive 3

Installation date December 2023

Technical Information:

Length overall: 9 m

Boat beam: 1.9 m

Draft: 0.5 m

Displacement:1500 kg

Electric motor system: ePropusion Pod drive 3 (3kW @ 48V nominal) retractable.

Battery: ePropulsion E163 8kWh @ 48V nominal

Electrician: Betts Boat Electrics

Peter's electric Yacht.

After chatting with Peter, one could not help but get excited about what Malcolm does to electrify a boat.

Peter, being a boat builder, sees the work of many trades people including electricians and says Malcolm is the cleverest he has ever known for around 20 years.  So it is no surprise that Peter arranged to have his own boat fitted with the appropriate equipment to suit the challenging needs of a boat that is restricted by racing rules such as being limited to only 30 Nm under motor, and keeping his boat under a certain weight.  Malcolm was able to work with these limits by selecting and installing the correct components.

Most people want good value from any supplier or service provided and Peter is very happy with Malcolm’s service including warranty where needed.  Malcolm tells it as it is without a sales pitch making what is proposed for the boat easy to understand.

It is important for Peter’s business to have someone very reliable, so as the job progressed, Malcolm kept Peter well informed as to how things were going.  He is very impressed with all Malcolm’s work and especially his attention to the safety of operation and the function of equipment.

Keeping up with and working in an everc hanging world, especially electronics, Peter said that Malcolm is someone who he can’t speak highly enough about, and would recommend him to anyone considering an upgrade or a conversion to an electric or hybrid powered boat.


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